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Let me start by saying that this is not a dad-bashing or husband-bashing post (well, not completely). Nor is it praise for dads doing what they’re supposed to do (well, not completely).
For three years now I have thought about equal parenting. Does it exist? While gender equality in parenting has come a long way since the ’50s, is there still this notion that parenting lies solely or even mostly in the hands of the mom? Do we pretend to buckle gender roles but still take on more of the responsibility? Have me made (much) progress?
Recently, I read an article that shook me: it stated that moms spend 74 hours on child care and house work compared to their partners’ 47%. After a forty-hour week, womxn are putting in more hours into their children than womxn in past generations who didn’t work. I was taken aback. So I’ll share four or five separate stories that have made me hate these memes. 

I’ll start with the one that angered me. I was at a conference an…

Is it just me or has April been this shittiest month so far? Fuuuuu…. I haven’t blogged the entire month and I wasn’t going to share this but often, writing is a way of venting for me; a clean slate that allows me to bury shit and move on. If I could perform a séance and conjure up the evil spirits only to banish them I would but alas, I left my Ouija board in my other purse.
April has always been an emotionally charged month for me. The 15th was Liam’s expected due date and it usually saddens me more than his birthday, more than Christmas, more than the anniversary of his passing. I guess, for some reason, I tell myself that if I had made it to the 15th he’d still be here with us. It’s a day I end up punishing myself for not pushing harder and making it to at least 30 weeks. Thankfully, Will knows me so well and is always ready to put a smile on my face. But this month, my pillar of strength was vulnerable and I really hope that I did even half as an amazing …