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2018. The year of less.
Every year I make the same resolutions as everyone else. More time with the family.More dedication at work. More healthy eating. More exercise. More. More. More.
2017 was an incredible year for me because it gave me what my soul had been yearning for for four years. We welcomed our precious Ila Rose. I became the mother I wanted to be for my eldest daughter, Lily. I grew closer to Will, I forged, deeper (more) meaningful friendships with new and existing friends. I got a job that allows me to simultaneously help others. I buried ghosts that had haunted me for years. I made a point of helping other moms and accepting help from other moms. My friends who wanted babies received their hearts' desires.

But 2017 wasn’t without its challenges. Ila’s birth was incredibly traumatic; I was home when my placenta detached in one go, causing severe bleeding. We came within 20 minutes of losing our gorgeous child, another precious bundle. We came within minutes of rel…
How to perfectly decorate your Christmas tree
Ha! Gotcha. There’s way to perfectly dress a Christmas tree. And there shouldn’t be. Not with kiddies at least. Christmas is a magical, innocent, time filled with wonder and joy and that’s the atmosphere you should be creating. It’s not a Pinterest board and keeping the little ones away with a 10-foot barge pole. Under the tree, memories are made. It’s where little ones sing carols and twirl and rush to open presents with faces covered in Christmas pudding. The magic of believing in Santa lasts for such a short time that it’s something that should be savoured.

If you’re decorating while a cheekily singing a version of ‘Oh Christmas tree’ (think “oh sym-o-tree, oh sym-o-tree), below are a few tips but I have even better ones if you keep reading.

START BY EVENLY SEPARATING THE BRANCHES If they’re pointing willy nilly, you’ll end up with weird, off-balance baubles.
I find wrapping the tree…