How would you like to live bond free for 13 years? Or save WELL over a million in compound interest? It’s possible if you’re a little wiser and more disciplined. I’m sure most people know this but for the rest of you who are like us can I get a, “Hell’s yeah?”
Recently, Will and I spent a delightful evening with his cousin and his wife, and amongst the gin, hilarious tales of their shenanigans as kids and the most delicious food, we learned how to adult… HARD.
As you get older, #marriageporn shifts from spontaneous trysts to coming in under budget on your Christmas shopping. In fact, the day Will was sexiest for me was when he found a 3-kg washing powder for the price of a 2-kg.
Karolina and Dyllan are the shorter and taller version of us, more attractive and way more responsible. We’re the funhouse version of them – wobbly in our views, with no focus. And during our chats, including finding an article on shortening your bond term, we learned a number of ways to save and…

Shrimp ceviche article and image credit: Heather Christo

Desk lunches can look sad as hell. There’s simply nothing inspiring about reheated cabbage bredie and there are only so many boiled eggs you can eat before becoming the office pariah. I usually suffer from serious #lunchenvy and will pop down to the local lunch spot for my daily fix. But I’m tired of paying 80 South African Ronds for a salad. I discovered that I was spending up to R2400 per month on breakfast and lunch and that’s excluding the occasional bottled water, coffee, Coke and 3pm bag of nuts and chips! With the cost of living, it’s just ridiculous to spend that much. Also, I’ve also had it up to here with pies every day. Literally up to here – carbs have left my tummy so bloated that it starts below my neck now.

So, I’ve compiled a few low-carb lunches that you can assemble at your desk, or work microwave while you catch up…